Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands

Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands

11 Apr - 24 Apr 2020 | 13 NIGHTS | 6 PORTS | Aurora (R006)


Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands, 11 Apr - 24 Apr 2020, 13 NIGHTS, 6 PORTS

See some of Iberia’s top highlights on this leisurely holiday in the sun

Taking in six destinations, three countries and six days at sea, this holiday gives you the chance to relax and explore in equal measure. Taste tapas and immerse yourself in the culture of Spain. See the historic cities of Portugal and meet the ‘locals’ during a call at Gibraltar.

Your first call is at El Ferrol, one of Spain’s most important maritime ports. Stroll the narrow streets and peaceful squares or hike through the nearby Atlantic woods. Next, you can visit pretty Porto on tours from Leixoes, before you sail to Gibraltar. Head to the top of The Rock to photograph the stunning views of Africa, Algeciras and mainland Spain, and meet the cheeky Barbary macaque monkeys. But remember to make time for duty-free shopping!

Vibrant Valencia is known for its pavement cafés and paella, and of course its lovely white-sand beaches. Enjoy a day in the city before you head to Almeria on the Andalusian coast. Visit the Arab Fortress, gypsy quarter and charming old town, or simply stretch out on one of the picturesque beaches.

Finally, cruise to beautiful Lisbon. Check out the gothic cathedrals and fascinating museums or head to the golden sands of Estoril beach before you sail back to Southampton.

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