Spain and Portugal

Spain and Portugal

17 Mar - 28 Mar 2020 | 11 NIGHTS | 5 PORTS | Ventura (N004)

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Spain and Portugal, 17 Mar - 28 Mar 2020, 11 NIGHTS, 5 PORTS
FROM £ 599 pp

Discover the old-world charm of the Spanish and Portuguese coast

Follow in the wake of famous explorers as you call in to captivating cities like Lisbon and Seville. Delight in all the treasures they have to offer and soak up the fascinating history and culture that makes this region so special.


First stop is Lisbon, the jewel in Portugal’s crown. Discover its many gothic cathedrals or spend some downtime in the many lively bars along the strip. Next up is Seville (tours from Cádiz)… the home of Flamenco. Tuck into the tempting street tapas as the sangria flows. Onwards to Malaga, with its vibrant Moorish influence, best experienced in the ancient Alcazaba. Next, immerse yourself in cultural Cartagena, soaking up the vibe in open air cafés, sampling the irresistible local paella. In Gibraltar, the view from ‘The Rock’ is simply stunning. Make sure you explore the spectacular natural caverns. After that, armed with fond memories, it’s a leisurely sail back to Southampton.

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