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Mum’s the word


In honour of Mother’s Day, we caught up with 10-year-old guest Katie Sharp to find out why Mum makes the perfect travel partner

Katie Sharp and mum Linda Cunningham enjoy formal night

Katie Sharp and mum Linda Cunningham enjoy formal night

For Katie Sharp and her mum Linda Cunningham from Troon, Scotland, cruising is a fabulous family holiday. Together, the pair has been on two cruises – one around Italy and Croatia on Oceana, and one to the Canary Islands and Portugal on Britannia – with another planned for October. Here, 10-year-old Katie reveals why Mum is so much fun to cruise with and shares their favourite things to do on board and on shore.


Why I love cruising with Mum

‘Cruising with Mum is great as we get to spend lots of time together. She lets me help plan what we will see and do, and lets me decide what I want to do each day.

Cruising is perfect for us because we both like seeing lots of countries and new places. When we go ashore, we normally do a tour and take lots of photographs of all the important things to see. Once we have done this we visit the shops, and we always have an ice cream. Sometimes we go to the beach and run in and out of the waves.

On board, we enjoy visiting the shops, hanging out at the swimming pool and going to the cinema. My favourite thing to do on board with Mum is go to the evening shows. Gravity is my favourite show on Britannia. We get dressed up and take mocktails with us.

I’m going back on Britannia again this October and I’m really looking forward to it. If I could treat my mum to anything on board, it would be afternoon tea, which we’ll be doing on our next cruise. There are lots of good cakes and cream and jam scones, which I know she will like. I know she loves the spa too, so I would treat her to a massage.

If I could take my mum to a new place we haven’t visited before, I’d love to go to Amsterdam so that we could go on a bike ride around the city. She got a bike last year and we have been doing lots of cycling together.

My mum is fun and she is my best friend. She gives me lots of hugs and she is very kind. I think she is funnier when she is on holiday and she makes me laugh. She doesn’t tell me off – and she lets me eat lots of ice cream.

This Mother’s Day, I’m planning to take Mum to a café in our town that does afternoon tea with cakes. I’ll also make her a card and do some of the housework.’


We’re adding 3,500 places for children across our family-friendly fleet in 2018, inviting more families to cruise with us. Young ones can have the time of their lives splashing around in the family pools, letting off steam in the sports arena, tucking into pizza and jelly at the dedicated children’s tea, and joining family-friendly shore excursions featuring treasure hunts, water parks, beaches and adventure trips.


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Katie in Madeira

Katie in Madeira

Katie’s top travel tips

The well-travelled 10-year-old offers advice on what to see and do in some of her favourite destinations

Madeira, Portugal
Madeira is very pretty and it’s good to go in the cable car up to the gardens. But beware, don’t look down! Once you go into central Madeira there is a church that is amazing and you literally have to go there.


La Palma
La Palma is a lovely place to visit. There are lots of cafés so if you’re hungry, you’re sorted.  


Tenerife is the best place in the world to visit. You should try an excursion to Playa de las Americas as it’s lovely. You can play minigolf, shop, shop, shop and much more. 


Gran Canaria
In Gran Canaria you can climb the sand dunes (the sand comes from the Sahara Desert), take lots of pictures, get some key rings. It’s surrounded by lovely beaches but they do burn your feet as the sand is extremely hot.  


Lisbon is a place you have to visit if you’re in Portugal. It’s full of beautiful tiles on the houses, lots of museums and monuments. Shopping is fun there as there’s something for everybody. 


Florence and Pisa
In Florence we visited the Duomo and Michelangelo’s burial place, and in Pisa we visited the leaning tower.  


I think Capri is one of the best destinations. The scenery was magnificent and it had a lot of really great shops. 


Dubrovnik was also a very interesting destination. We saw the city walls, which you can walk on. We didn’t, but we did go to the best ice cream parlour ever. 


Venice was a magical and romantic place. We saw lots of gondolas and bought some Venetian glass and masks.