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Knitting for Nepal


Assistant Entertainment Manager Nikki Hooper explains how P&O Cruises staff and guests have come together and put their nimble fingers to good use for the children of Nepal

More than 40 guests and crew at a Knitting For Nepal get-together on board Aurora

We’re always keen to do our bit for charity at P&O Cruises, so following the earthquake in Nepal, the staff on board Aurora decided to do something to support the relief effort that everybody could be involved in. There are around 150 Nepalese crew members working on our ships, and many of their families lost their homes and belongings in April’s devastating earthquake – so this cause really is close to our hearts.


The idea to get everyone knitting for Nepal started with a conversation I had one day with our on board Security Officer Sharon Bowditch and Human Resources Manager Orla McCreesh.They told me that, together with some of the other Nepalese girls on board, they had started knitting baby clothes to send to their ravaged country, with support from some of the SWC (Seafarers Welfare Committee) funds. I thought it was such a lovely idea and knew that our guests would probably like to get involved, so we put a piece in Horizon, the ship’s daily newspaper, advertising a knitting get-together. We were overwhelmed with the response and soon had more than 40 ladies and even a gentleman knitting every sea day. We were extremely productive, making hats, booties, cardigans and mittens for newborn babies and very small children – anything to keep them warm in the winter. Even I managed to knit a small hat, even though I haven’t knitted for more than 30 years! At one point, we all had to go ashore in Koper, Slovenia, to buy more wool. There were so many of us that we were queuing out the door. The shopkeeper couldn’t believe her luck!


Word quickly spread throughout the fleet and to our head office, and now we’ve even got some Rotary Clubs and WI groups involved, too. We’ll be continuing the project until 1 September and would love more people to get involved. Passengers can knit at home and send their items to Carnival House, or bring their needles and wool on cruises on Aurora, Azura or Adonia for Knitting for Nepal get-togethers. We’re also really grateful for any donations towards our knitting supplies.


This project would never have happened without Sharon and the Security Team. It was their drive and determination to help others that really made it a success and all credit goes to them. They’ve managed to bring staff and guests together for a really worthwhile cause, and lots of friendships have been forged as a result.

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