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Fun facts about our World Cruises


World Cruise - Full Circumnavigation

Full round world cruise infographic

Take your time and discover the world in the most spectacular fashion. Day after unforgettable day. Night after magical night. Glide down the Panama Canal, feet up on deck. Make like a local and sip sundowners as the Hong Kong skyline illuminates. Step out onto soft, white, Mauritian sands. We can’t possibly squeeze in every incredible experience that awaits. So why not find out for yourself?


Australasian Journey - Half Circumnavigation

Half world cruise infographic

Have you always fancied snuggling up to a koala? Perhaps you’ve pictured yourself gazing down over the vibrant buzz of Rio de Janeiro. This is your chance to experience the iconic sights and destinations on your bucket list in half the time. Whichever route you choose, the luxurious life on board and unhurried pace mean you can sit back, relax, and discover the world your way.



Exotic Fly-Cruise - Part Circumnavigation

Infographic showing statistics about P&O Cruises exotic cruises for 2017.

There’s nothing whistle-stop about our exotic fly cruises. Instead, jet out to join us and slip effortlessly into the easy life on board. Whether you long to immerse yourself in the history of Ho Chi Minh City, sip rum punch on a Caribbean beach, or wear out your camera on safari in South Africa, these short-but-sweet voyages let you cherry pick the best the world has to offer.