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Meet the team: Nestor Nogueira


Ever-popular restaurant manager Nestor Nogueira recently made the move from Azura to Britannia. Here, he tells us about his love of The Epicurean restaurant, his favourite ports, his passion for cricket and his life off-ship

Restaurant Manager Nestor Nogueira

Restaurant Manager Nestor Nogueira

After a seven-year stint as Restaurant Manager on Azura, Nestor Nogueira recently made the move to Britannia to work his magic in the Horizon buffet and The Beach House restaurant. Here, the charismatic crew member tells us about his time at The Epicurean and some of his most memorable experiences on board…



How did you start working with P&O Cruises?

I started my sea career in 2006 and I am now into my 11th year of service for P&O Cruises. I did my study in wines back home in India, and it was always my dream to be a sommelier. I first worked with Olly Smith to open The Glass House, and from there I was promoted, became an officer and started looking at the bigger picture. Then I got an opportunity to run The Epicurean restaurant, and now I’m on Britannia. I’m part of the furniture now!


Can you tell us a little about your role on Azura and what your new job on Britannia involves?

As restaurant managers, we mainly look after the buffet and the main dining restaurants, which includes Club Dining and Freedom Dining. On Britannia, I’m in charge of the Horizon buffet restaurant and also look after The Beach House restaurant during the evenings. I also take responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the open decks and liaising with the chefs each day.


What does The Epicurean mean to you?

An epicurean is a lover of fine food who believes in a gastronomic journey. The Epicurean restaurant is not the type of place where you finish your meal in an hour and leave – I would suggest keeping your evening free when dining here. For me, The Epicurean is a celebration at sea.


Can you tell us a bit about the dining experience at The Epicurean?

The waiters are there to look after you and nothing is rushed. The service should be absolutely spot on, but not too intrusive. It can also be quite entertaining. Take the duo of cured smoked salmon, for example – as the waiter carves the salmon, they explain the curing processes and the salmon’s origin. As they finish slicing, the last word is delivered. It’s choreographed to a T.


What are some of your favourite ports of call?

I love Madeira for its scenic beauty, the Botanical Gardens and the amazing cable car ride. I love nature and am stunned each time we visit the Norwegian fjords... it’s breathtaking. There are no words to define that natural beauty. I love to explore the local cuisine of Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean, whenever I actually manage to step off the ship!


Can you tell us a bit about your family and your life off-ship?

I was fortunate to be raised by loving parents and had a great childhood with my brother Terence, who is now a senior second officer (navigation). I then got married to my beautiful wife, Pinky, who was my childhood love, and we have a gorgeous little daughter called Aura, who was so named after the sentiments of Azura.


When you’re on board, where do you like to eat and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Dining on board is the best! There are so many options. I love The Glass House and Sindhu. I also love The Epicurean for its relaxing ambience. When I’m not in the restaurants, I tend to watch some news and keep myself updated as to what’s happening and take part in any special events organised for guests and crew. I also have a passion for cricket – this has led to some very interesting conversations with guests over the years as both India and England have this game in common!


Are there any memorable events that stick in your mind from your time on Azura? 

I remember a couple who had actually planned their wedding at sea around when I was on board. It was a party of 24 people and they were real fun. I also had the privilege of meeting one of the greatest boxing legends, the late Sir Henry Cooper, who was a regular patron of The Glass House, along with his son. It was great fun to meet Sir Henry, a real hero. I have also witnessed many proposals during my tenure at The Epicurean.


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