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Get Local with Fathom shore excursions


Discover a brand-new range of shore excursions in the Dominican Republic that introduce you to local life and experiences in unforgettable ways

Guests help plant cacao seeds at the Chocal nursery

Guests help plant cacao seeds at the Chocal nursery

With P&O Cruises holidays, we want to offer unique experiences that help get you to the heart of the destinations you visit. That’s why we are delighted to partner with innovative travel experience brand Fathom. Together, we have developed a range of shore excursions in the Dominican Republic that offer authentic insights into the different cultures and traditions of the island.


Get Local shore excursions have been developed to take you closer to the people, passions and traditions of the Caribbean. The excursions offer immersive experiences in the daily life of the Dominican Republic, giving hands-on, behind-the-scenes insight into local food, drinks, arts and crafts. The Get Local experience is inspiring, informative and fun: the perfect way to get closer to the destinations you visit.


For details of the four Get Local shore excursions in the Dominican Republic, read on.


Authentic Dominican Chocolate Experience

Duration: 4½ hrs

Explore tropical chocolate-making first-hand with the women of Chocal, a small organic chocolate cooperative. You’ll take part in the entire chocolate-making process, from bean to bar, and learn about the history and culture of cacao cultivation. And, of course, you’ll indulge in some of the richest, most decadent flavours in the world: premium dark chocolate, cacao nib and naranja. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy some for your family and friends. All the while, you’ll be helping support economic opportunity for hard-working families in the local rural villages.


Artisanal Soap-making with Locals 

Duration: 3 hrs

 See how art and chemistry combine to create the colourful visual and aromatic experience of artisanal soap at the Dominican Soap Factory in Puerto Plata. Try your hand at every stage of production and learn new skills under the guidance of experienced local soap-makers. See how they use authentic ingredients to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind products. At the end of your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your favourite handmade bars and take home a unique piece of your local experience. 

A local woman at the RePapel recycled paper factory

A local woman at the RePapel recycled paper factory

Art, Jewellery and Craft Creation with Locals

Duration: 4 hrs

 Travel deep into one of Puerto Plata’s bustling neighbourhoods to the home of RePapel, an inspiring community of female artists who transform repurposed materials into works of art. Learn new artistic skills and free your imagination as you produce arts and crafts with the help of RePapel’s famously warm and enthusiastic staff. As your visit comes to an end, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase your favourite crafts made especially by the ladies. Their brightly coloured coasters, cards and jewellery make ideal souvenirs of your visit.


Dominican Coffee: a Local Experience

Duration: 5½ hrs

Venture off the beaten path and into the beautiful Dominican tropical forest to meet local farmers, hear their stories and learn the ins and outs of coffee production, from bean to brew. Enjoy a cup (or three) of the finest coffee in the world. And put all that extra energy to good use, if so inclined, by planting coffee seedlings and taking your turn at roasting the beans. In addition, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch of sancocho – a hearty soup that is one of the Dominican people’s most cherished culinary traditions – at a beautiful mountain lodge.



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