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Take your taste buds on a luxurious trip with Eric Lanlard’s Afternoon Tea


Pancetta from Italy, Caribbean spices… Eric Lanlard’s signature Afternoon Tea menu puts the world on your plate

Eric Lanlard

Master pâtissier, Eric Lanlard

Travel is something Eric Lanlard knows well. As a master pâtissier and P&O Cruises Food Hero, he’s been all over the globe, tasting his way through exotic ingredients and local specialities.


So it’s only natural that when Eric was developing dishes for his new Afternoon Tea menus, travel was a key inspiration.


The menus offer a world of unique and indulgent creations, with flavours that will instantly transport your taste buds to exotic destinations.


Keen for a taste? Here are three of Eric’s favourite dishes, inspired by some of the greatest ingredients of Italy, Spain and Grenada. Teatime will never be the same…


Pancetta and Porcini Éclair

Pancetta and Porcini Eclair

The Pancetta and Porcini Éclair is a clever savoury twist on an old sweet favourite. The term ‘porcini’ covers several species of mushroom, famously found in Italy. They’re not mass cultivated, but rather grow on the forest floor (best under a layer of pine needles or oak leaves) and can weigh up to 1kg each. When dried, they’re used to add a distinctive flavour to many dishes. The traditionally smoked pancetta, from the cured pork belly meat, makes the perfect partner for the earthy porcini. It’s brushed with sweet maple syrup and baked until crispy, adding yet another taste and texture dimension. ‘I love Italian food, the Italian attitude to eating and their passion for great ingredients,’ says Eric. ‘This is a dish that reminds me of a beautiful autumnal walk in the woodlands of the Tuscan hills. The aromatic porcini mushrooms encased in the light mushroom and walnut éclair complement the mature cheddar and maple roasted pancetta cream. And there’s even a touch of chilli too.’


West Indies Chocolate Tart

West Indies Chocolate Tart

The West Indies Chocolate Tart was inspired by Eric’s first experience on Grenada, also known as the Spice Island. There are more spices grown per square mile here than anywhere else on earth. It’s the world’s second biggest producer of nutmeg, and a significant producer of mace, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. The island is also reckoned to produce some of the finest chocolate in the world. ‘I remember my first visit like it was yesterday,’ Eric says. ‘I was hit with the amazing scent of all the spices coming from the little stalls along the port – cinnamon, nutmeg, chilli and vanilla. It was also my first time seeing a fresh cocoa pod. I’m so excited all these years later to honour this beautiful island with this tart. It’s an exciting combination of Caribbean spices and dark cacao – a chocolate tart with real pizzazz.’ The chocolate-infused flavours of vanilla, star anise, ground cinnamon and nutmeg create a culinary masterpiece, and the dish is beautifully presented, garnished with a delicate hand-moulded star aniseed and edible gold leaf.


Orange Blossom and Bee Pollen Scone

Orange Blossom and Bee Pollen Scone

The wonderful combination of honey and citrus transforms a humble English classic into a Mediterranean marvel in Eric’s Orange Blossom and Bee Pollen Scone. Seville’s orange trees are as much a part of the city’s landscape as the Gothic archways of its churches, and the sweet-scented white blossoms fill the air with their incredible fragrance in March and April. The essence, used in perfumes, is said to have anti-depressive qualities. Eric says: ‘When I visit Spain, I’m always drawn back to Seville where the sweet scent of orange blossoms is everywhere. So I decided to infuse the classic British scone with an amazing citrus flavour.’ The other key ingredient is bee pollen, a superfood that adds a real boost of honey flavour to the dish. The orange is added by including the intense orange oil musk. For the perfect finish, the scones are served with precious rose petal preserve and Cornish clotted cream.


Afternoon Tea menus are available at The Epicurean on Azura, Britannia and Ventura and at Ocean Grill on Arcadia

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