Dubai & Arabian Gulf

Dubai & Arabian Gulf

22 Feb - 03 Mar 2020 | 10 NIGHTS | 6 PORTS | Oceana (E006)


Dubai & Arabian Gulf, 22 Feb - 03 Mar 2020, 10 NIGHTS, 6 PORTS

Welcome to a land that defies expectation

This is a fascinating exploration of discovery. Fly to Dubai and begin your adventure in a land of timeless tradition and delightful contrasts. It’s a magical, mystical place where ancient surprises lurk around every corner.

Touch down in the ‘Pearl of the Arabian Gulf’, Dubai, and marvel at its heady mix of warm sun, high-rise architecture and boutique shopping. Marvel at Abu Dhabi’s futuristic skyscrapers, vast shopping malls and echoes of ancient past. Go wild on Sir Bani Yas Island…a wildlife paradise promising pearl diving, scuba diving, mangrove safaris and water sports. Be sure to visit some of Bahrain's 170,000 “tumuli” or burial mounds, and its ancient fort with foundations dating from 3000 B.C. You’ll find Oman’s capital, Muscat, brimming with culture and history. In Khasab, try to visit the stunning 17th century castle, the fascinating Alkmazrh Fort and breathtaking palm groves. Fly home from Dubai. Remember, we cruise to the region during the milder months, so the weather is always pleasant. Plus, you can wear usual beach attire on most resort beaches, and enjoy alcohol in most hotel bars and restaurants.

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