Rhode Island Cruises

Known as the ‘Ocean State,’ Rhode Island is America’s smallest state and is located on the country’s east coast, sandwiched between Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Situated on the sea, the state enjoys many charming shorelines and captures seaside living with scenic beach houses and pretty promenades. These seaside colonial towns, like Newport and Portsmouth, provide much in the way of New England history while further inland other cities have a more modern-day feel.

From the old town of Newport to the capital of Providence, there’s much to see and do on Rhode Island with fishing villages, farms and city life making for a state rich in variety. Brown University contributes to that diversity and, as a famous Ivy League school, helps mark the state as a top destination for education. This usually makes for some interesting coffee shops, places to eat and street art. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ was written by Rhode Islander, George M. Cohan.
  • John F Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy were married in Newport.
  • It is illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley in Rhode Island.
  • The official state bird is the chicken.
  • Rhode Island was named after the Greek island of Rhodes.


Sea and sailing

Home to some of the country’s most beloved summer spots, Rhode Island has many stunning views thanks to the shimmering Atlantic waters and sandy dunes. The lighthouses that dot the shorelines, including the well-known Castle Hill Lighthouse, complete the beautiful vistas. This historic lighthouse still operates today and sits on Narragansett Bay at the end of Ocean Drive.

As the sailing capital of the world, Newport’s harbours also make for a boat-lover’s paradise with vessels of all sizes on display across the bay. Visitors can admire the impressive boats nestled into the Newport coves on a coastal walk or bike ride. 

Local food

Away from the breezy bays, a cruise to Rhode Island also means an opportunity to visit the state’s gardens and farms further inland. Just a short drive from Newport there are many local farms, orchards and vineyards to explore showcasing the vast produce the area has, as well as the large expanses of lush greenery.

 Some farms, such as Sweet Berry Farm, offer visitors the chance to stock up on a variety of fresh farm produce, or take horse-riding lessons. Others such as Rocky Brook Orchard offer hours of apple-picking fun. For wine lovers, the Newport Vineyards provide tours and tasting experiences, as well as teaching visitors all about the winemaking process.




It’s said that Rhode Island is a living museum in itself, there’s so much history here – and it is in fact home to one of the nation's largest concentrations of historic landmarks. Newport is a historic city and visitors can explore the tales of slavery, religion and war at the Jamestown Museum, the Great Friends Meeting House and the Museum of Newport History at Brick Market.

Scattered throughout the small seaside city, there are also many historic homes giving insight into the way of Rhode Island life during various periods. The palatial Gilded Age Newport mansions were once the summer ‘cottages’ for New York's wealthiest families, as in the 19th century this was a hotspot for high society. Eisenhower’s home was once referred to as the ‘Summer White House’ while Doris Duke’s Rough Point showcases European art at its best as well as detailing the story of her life.

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