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Jordan Cruises

A Jordan cruise is an excellent way for visitors to see humanity’s distant past, as evidence of human habitation dates back to the Paleolithic period. Towns mentioned in the Bible are still going strong in Jordan.

One of the oldest countries on earth, Jordan is something of a modern-day success story in the Middle East. It has a thriving economy, a strong education system, and it has a long history of welcoming refugees, regardless of race or religion. Jordan is also considered to be the safest country in the Middle East for foreign travellers. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Jordan enjoys 330 sunny days a year.
  • In every part of Jordan, people play football in the streets. 
  • Most public schools in the country teach English alongside Arabic. 
  • Recent archaeological findings date back to early Neolithic periods. 
  • Jordan is one of the largest olive producers in the world. 


Wadi Rum

 Just a short trip into the desert from your port at Aqaba, you’ll find Wadi Rum, one of Jordan's most highly praised tourist attractions. Its resemblance to the surface of Mars has made it a common filming location too. If you’re into alien landscapes, don’t miss this strange and lovely place.

Natural wonders

A cruise to Jordan is a journey deep into the past, to ancient cities and ruins, as well as fast-rising modern cities like its capital of Amman. It’s a land where natural wonders like the Dead Sea and the Wadi Mujib valley, combined with its grand and varied history, create the impression of a proud and noble nation. 


The gem of Petra


A two-hour drive into the desert lies Petra, the ancient capital city of the Nabataean people. 

This breathtaking place has recently been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. On the 1.5-mile walk down through Petra’s rocky valley, plaques are posted which explain the 2,000-year-old history of the carved rock city. The Al-Dayr monastery is the largest of the carved buildings, a 30-minute hike uphill. 

The gem of Petra – which is very well preserved thanks to the arid climate – is the Treasury (al-Khazna). This monument resembles a Greek temple with an urn at the top that was once reputed to hold priceless treasures – it’s been featured in movies like ‘Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade’. The changing light throughout the day brings out different colours and textures in the rock. The same phenomenon happens at The Royal Tombs, which are carved into the stone and are an easier walk than some of the other monuments. 


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Jordan

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