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About Grenada

Sailors through the centuries have rated it one of the worlds prettiest harbours and it is hard to disagree. Horseshoe-shaped and set in a volcanic crater, Grenadas capital and cruise port St Georges is flanked by two forts, with colourful French colonial style buildings ranged along the front.

It is the perfect entrance to one of the Caribbean's most scenic islands. Only 12 miles by 21, it is awash with waterfalls, mountain valleys, rainforests, lakes and volcanic craters. The beaches are to die for, especially Grand Anse - a two-mile stretch of pure white sand just around the bay from St Georges.

Grenada is also the island you can smell before you can see it. The 'Spice Island' grows more spices per square mile than anywhere else on the planet with nutmeg its signature seasoning.

In fact, gentle haggling with spice vendors is part of the fun of cruising to this laid-back Caribbean island.


Shore excursions in Grenada

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

Grenada Highlights

Activity lowRefreshments included

Duration: 4 hours

Enjoy the best of the west coast, taking in panoramic views, spice plantations and fishing villages, all typical of the island.

Take a glimpse at Grenadian life; visit the one-street fishing community and Gouyave Nutmeg Station to see the grading, drying and packing process. Inhale the signature scent of the island and learn how the delicate spice is treated, ready for export.

Located in the central part of the island, the cobalt blue lake of Grand Etang is a ‘must see’. This extinct volcanic crater lake is situated a breathtaking 1,900 feet above sea level. Enjoy the scenery and a refreshing drink during your stop here.

Take in the sights during a scenic drive through the quaint capital of St George's, passing the Green Iron Bridge. The tour takes you along the western road to Gouyave, passing the villages of Grand Mal, Happy Hill and Beausejour Bay.

Continue through Brizan, Concord, Marigot and Grand Roy to Gouyave. See cocoa, nutmeg, banana plantations and various spice growing areas around the island. Your return is through the green mountain roads and the villages of Vendome, Snug Corner and Beaulieu to St. George's Pier.

Essential information

This tour will operate by minibus. To fully enjoy this tour, some walking is necessary. The roads in Grenada are often quite bumpy due to rainfall erosion. Passengers are advised that photography is not permitted in the Nutmeg Station.

Island Drive and Annandale Falls

Activity mediumRefreshments included

Duration: 4 hours

See another side of the island on this scenic tour of the east coast and enjoy two of the island’s popular attractions.

Embark on a drive through the capital of St George’s, wending your way through the village of St Paul’s and the parish of St David.

Along the eastern side of the island, you’ll pass by the seaside villages of Marquis and Soubise. The vivid colours of the boats contrast beautifully with the soft azure blue of the Caribbean Sea.

From the coast, your drive heads inland, ascending the central peaks en route to the National Park Nature Centre at Grand Etang. Grand Etang Lake sits at 1,900 feet within the crater of an extinct volcano and has a wonderful cobalt blue colouring. A short stop will made here for you to enjoy the surroundings and a welcome refreshment.

Afterwards, descend the fern-fringed road to Annandale Falls, where a short but steep walk brings you to a lush paradise of rushing water and hanging greenery. After this pleasant stop, you will return to St. George’s.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by minibus and on foot, however the tour is predominantly by minibus. Passengers who wish to visit Annandale Falls are forewarned of the steep walk involved. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended. The roads in Grenada are often quite bumpy due to rainfall erosion.


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