Wales Cruises

Wales is a land of valleys, hillsides and stunningly beautiful views.

There can be no better reason to visit this beautiful country than to soak up the atmosphere that generations of history, mysticism and legends have brought to the country known to Welsh speakers as Cymru. A Wales cruise is guaranteed to unearth interesting facts and places no matter what your life passions are. 

Our port here is Milford Haven, half a mile from the town centre. As well as being home to the Torch Theatre, one of only three repertory theatres in Wales, Milford Haven is also the largest town in the county of Pembrokeshire and located right on the coast. 

The pretty Georgian houses lining Hamilton Terrace make for a great photo, while the golden beaches at Sandy Haven are the perfect spot for a picnic and dip in the sea. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Wales is home to the deepest cave in Britain.
  • There are more castles per square mile here than anywhere else.
  • Marconi’s first radio transmission was in Wales.
  • Waterfall Swallow Falls is the most visited waterfall in Britain.
  • The oldest tree in Wales is approximately 4,000 years old.


Landscapes and city

Wales offers something for everyone in the gorgeous landscapes throughout the country. Whether you’re a seasoned hill-walker, or someone who would rather take things at a more leisurely pace with a gentle stroll, with some of the prettiest countryside you will ever see, you’ll love it here.


Of course some of us prefer something of a city break and you will not be disappointed with the shopping malls in the big city of Swansea. There are some great bargains and boutique purchases to be had, depending on your budget. If it’s jewellery you’re after keep an eye out for hand-made pieces featuring stones from the Blue John Mine.




You can’t cruise to Wales without trying some of the most delicious lamb you’ll ever have the pleasure to eat.

Look out for some salt marsh lamb, maybe served with a little sauce made from laverbread, or bara lawr, a Welsh delicacy derived from seaweed and often eaten with fried bacon and cockles for breakfast.

Wales is also famous for one of its vegetables, the humble leek. Varying in flavour from mild to quite strong, leeks make up a large part of a traditional Welsh diet and are a favourite in cawl, or soup. 

For those with a sweet tooth, be sure to try some traditional Welsh cakes, which are delicious when served warm and generously spread with Welsh farm butter, or maybe some bara brith, (or ‘speckled bread’). This bread is made from yeast and then enriched with dried fruit. Again, be sure to spread generously with butter.


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Wales

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