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Excellent Christmas Market Cruise
We recently did the Christmas Market cruise. We had done this in 2017 and were very disappointed in it. I have to say this time around it was excellent. The ship and crew were very festive and certainly go us into the Christmas spirit. They had made so many improvements from our 2017 experience some of which we had suggested when we complete our survey in 2017. Well done P&O for listening to your customers we had a fantastic time even if the weather in port didn't cooperate. Would recommend this cruise.

27 Jan 2020

Another fantastic cruise holiday but some noticeable service depreciations
Friendly service and excellent food with good entertainment. Have another 3 cruises booked with P & O. Noticed some minor issues such as lack of staff in some venues, very loud sea screen volume, limited shore excursion staff involvement on quayside and disappointed that facecloths were on request only. Fabulous restaurant staff and service. We were looked after every single day brilliantly in the Pennisular restaurant. Great to see the efforts made by P&O in the reduction in plastic use.

Mrs Macaulay | 27 Jan 2020

What a difference a Captain makes! Last year, we cruised on Ventura with Captain Andy Willard who involved himself in so much of the cruise, we looked forward to his daily tannoy messages in which he showed off his wonderful, dry sense of humour,, he was seen around the ship talking to passengers, having competitions (how many ships seen en route,etc.) with passengers, he was in the show at the end of the cruise with the dancers, etc. etc. Then we have this year's Captain on Azura, (Captain Trevor Lane) ....!!! Oh dear, not good. This was definitely the general consensus of opinion of everyone we spoke to. But in spite of this, we enjoyed our cruise - the food was excellent although the service in two of the restaurants wasn't as good as it had been on Ventura, the cabin steward, Elias, was helpful and always professional, the ship itself is clearly in need of a bit of refurbishment which I believe is happening this year and all in all we enjoyed ourselves in spite of the difference between captains! The only time Captain Lane showed any enthusiasm - and he went on and on and on over the tannoy by saying he had some exciting news from London (I thought he was going to say that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant again!) - was when he had obviously been told by P&O in London to plug the fact that Gary Barlow would be on Iona (not even the ship we were on!) as Music Director. When he eventually finished telling us about this allegedly "exciting news" everyone cheered - not because of the Barlow news, but because the Captain finally shut up! My fellow passengers had been in the middle of a choir rehearsal with limited time available to us when the tannoy message came through. Everyone we spoke to after this said the same thing: who cares?!!! Also, as was the case with Ventura, in my opinion and the opinion of other passengers we spoke to, was that the singers and comedians were definitely second rate. Why do comedians think it's necessary to get smutty? They don't seem to SEE their audience and work accordingly. It seems if they're not getting laughs they panic and turn smutty and it's just not appreciated by a lot of people who cruise on P&O. Perhaps they would on other cruise lines ... I have only used P&O for our cruises so far. On the whole, we made our cruise a success and therefore we have already booked our next cruise, this time on Britannia next January.

Lisa | 27 Jan 2020

Brilliant cruise - would recommend
excellent cruise with good itinerary great food great service

27 Jan 2020

Our best ever cruise
The whole holiday was wonderful from start to finish. Its the first P&O fly cruise we have had and were impressed with the organisation of both outward and return journeys particularly not having to handle our luggage from Gatwick to Gatwick. Staff on board were the usual friendly efficient team and nothing was too much trouble. Even when the weather intervened and we missed 2 islands P&O were able to rearrange the itinerary to visit another island and fit in the other island later in the holiday. The Caribbean islands are a must to see with wonderful beaches and the most friendly and welcoming people and this cruise must be one of the best ways to experience this.

Mr Ward | 27 Jan 2020

From the Captain to the Cabin Steward, the staff were generally very good. However the service at times did falter. We were on the Freedom Dining for meals, as we like to eat as and when the mood takes us. Sometimes in the restaurant, some times in the Horizon Buffet. However, the wine waiters were painfully slow to serve an order, whether in the restaurant or buffet. The problem seemed to be that there was only one person behind the bars at peak times, when there were several waiters waiting for drink orders

Slowboat | 27 Jan 2020

The travel to and from the ship plus embarkation and disembarkation process was excellent. Service and food were very good. The cost of drinks and the drinks packages however were very expensive. The choice of Grand Turk as a destination needs to be reviewed. It is little more than a large sandbank and is exposed to storms as it is outside of the Caribbean and in the Atlantic. Other destinations were good.

Mrs Gamble | 27 Jan 2020

A terrible end
On my return to birmingham my luggage had been tampered with and my jewelery stolen. An empty watch box was in my case so someone elsesluggage had also been tampered with.

27 Jan 2020

Very good but!
There were problems in docking at certain ports because of the strength of the wind, however P&O tried to mitgate this by changing the itinerary.

27 Jan 2020

Convenient and reasonably priced package holiday to Caribbean.
Convenient local flights straight to Barbados and transferred directly to ship from Airport. Flight times back to Manchester good - not too long hanging around after leaving cabin. Disappointed could not land of a couple of islands due to weather but P&O reworked the Itinerary well and these things happen.

27 Jan 2020
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