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Stay connected at sea


Can’t wait to share your ‘This is the life’ moments with friends? Or want to check in on board with the family? Staying connected and saying ‘hi’ from the high seas couldn’t be easier.

A woman speaking on her mobile phone


There are lots of ways to keep in touch with friends and family at home when you’re on board a P&O Crusies ship. You might be in the middle of the ocean, but the ship you’re on has Wi-Fi. Or if you fancy a chat, your mobile phone should be able to pick up a signal. If not, there’s always your cabin phone. Staying connected is easy.


Go mobile – use your own phone

Most people find their mobiles work well at sea. Signal strengths can vary, but you should be able to do all the usual things – make and receive calls, send text messages and photos.


You’ll know when the service is active as you’ll see MCP or 90112 on your mobile’s display. This shows you’re using International Marine Roaming. You’ll need to contact your mobile provider to find out the costs for making and receiving calls and texts, though. They have an agreement with MCP, so any costs you incur will be added to your mobile bill.


It’s your call – cabin phone

If you prefer a bit of privacy, or don’t have a mobile phone, it’s simple to make a call from your cabin phone, too. Just press the ‘ship to shore’ button and follow the voice prompts. It costs £2.49 a minute* to use this service, and we’ll add the amount to your on board account.

Get online with an Internet Time Plan

If you’re planning on taking your tablet, laptop and eReader on holiday with you, an Internet Time Plan is a great way to stay in touch. You can email to your heart’s content or download the latest best seller. Better still, one package of minutes can be used across all your devices (just make sure you log out at the end of each session). We can’t promise the superfast speeds you’re used to at home, as the connection comes via satellite, but it’s there for you to enjoy.

There are two ways to buy a Time Plan. You can pop along to the Library or Cyb@Study on board, which is a great option if you need a little help. Or you can buy a Time Plan yourself, on your device. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Turn on your device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or eReader

2. Connect to the ship’s guest Wi-Fi network

3. Start your internet browser

4. Select New User

5. Follow the instructions to choose your plan

If you’re not planning to be online much during your cruise, you can choose the pay-as-you-go option instead and we’ll add it to your on board account.

If you’d like to get online but you don’t have your own device, it’s no problem at all. We have PCs in the Library or Cyb@Study where you can browse and chat away.


Look out for special offers on Internet Time Plans during your cruise.


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* The price of calling from your cabin phone is subject to change