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Happy Fathers' Day


There’s nothing like a cruise holiday to bring busy families together.

Teenager Cassia Ogilvie and her dad David reveal why spending quality time with each other on board is so special.

Cassia and David enjoying a shore excursion on their 2015 Ventura cruise

Cassia and David enjoying a shore excursion on their 2015 Ventura cruise

Cassia says

My first cruise was in 2003. I was only three and my first memory was going to a restaurant for dinner. The chef had heard that we were from Scotland and that this was my first cruise. He wrote 'Scotland' in big capital letters in chocolate sauce on the side of my pudding plate!


I've since been on three more cruise holidays with my parents. I love just spending time together as a family and enjoying being with them. Both my parents are often quite busy and stressed running their own business so we don't get to do many different family activities in our spare time at home.  


I don't always have the greatest relationship with Dad because of this. I don't think Dad has got used to me being a teenager and having my own opinions. The fact that we both have similar personalities, as my mum says rather frequently, means that we can rub each other up the wrong way quite easily. Coming on a cruise holiday really helps me and Dad to get along better. It's easier to talk to him, as he's not thinking about 1,000 things at once! He's 100 times more relaxed on board than he is normally.


Dad and I do different things together, such as swimming and visiting the different ports of call. I've got happy memories of our times together when I was younger. I remember having a really good time with Dad at an Italian waterpark on my second cruise. On another occasion, we swam in the sea at Palma after taking a catamaran out to the ocean. At first, I was scared to go back in the water because I was sure the tiny black fish I'd seen on the seabed were going to eat my toes. I spent the rest of my swimming time glued to Dad's back! We just enjoy spending days together as we don't get to do things like that very often. It's good for both of us. It's important as it's one of the only times we get to hang out together and be relaxed.


We don't always get along but Dad always stands up for me and supports me. He also gives me a lot of useful life advice – although after continually giving me the exact same advice for five years I tend to zone out sometimes! He always shows me that he cares and is looking out for me. 


All in all, I absolutely love going on holidays with Mum and Dad. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day at home, I just think of the wonderful cruises that I have enjoyed with them in the past. These memories always brighten up my day.

Cassia and David enjoying the pool in 2008

Cassia and David enjoying the pool in 2008

Dad David says

As Cassia gets older, we've been able to do more things together on board. At first she wanted to spend all her time in the kids club, which was good as her Mum and I could do what we wanted to do knowing that she was well looked after. Nowadays, Cassia is more likely to spend her time with us so we must be doing something right!


The best thing about being on board or in ports is that we can do things together or individually as we choose.  For example, I enjoy military history and Cassia likes making jewellery – both of which we managed to do separately on our last cruise. We then come back together and tell each other all about it.


It's a chance for Cassia and me to do things together, too: swimming, eating, dancing, seeing the big shows in the evenings and touring the ports by day. She loves the experience, fun and freedom that come on board. We can relax knowing she can't get lost and that there is always someone to help her if needed. 


I've watched as she gets to be more independent and grown up. When she was only seven, she performed a magic show in front of an audience of proud parents, us included. On the same cruise she had a go at some trapeze artist gymnastics.  Although only two feet off the ground it was impressive. As the years go by, her confidence and independence have excelled. I believe this is a result of our cruise holidays in addition to her school. I've been very proud of Cassia and she is so special because she is ours.