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Four fabulous Caribbean islands


As the nights draw in, turn your thoughts to the Caribbean, where you’ll find crystal-clear seas, pristine beaches, warm sunshine and welcoming locals – as amazing as ever before

The dramatic Pitons of St Lucia in the Caribbean

The dramatic Pitons of St Lucia in the Caribbean

The beautiful beaches and diverse cultures of the Caribbean have long made it a must-see destination… and it still is.

You’ll no doubt have seen the Caribbean islands in the news in recent months. The good news is, the vast majority of the islands were unaffected by recent storms, and we are still able to offer you a Caribbean adventure like no other. In a few instances, where islands are still recovering, we have arranged alternative ports of call on certain itineraries, to ensure everyone can make the most of what this iconic region has to offer.

To celebrate the Caribbean and its unique charms, here are four fabulous islands with distinctive attractions.


1. Stunning St Lucia

Blessed with lush mountains, abundant flora and fauna, stunning beaches and clear seas, the term ‘island paradise’ is spot on for St Lucia . But beyond the beauty, there’s a lot to do. Sail around the iconic peaks of the Pitons, hike along the Jacquot Trail, take in the views from the Soufriere Volcano and sulphur springs or tee off at the famous St Lucia Golf and Country Club. The capital, Castries, is a charming spot, too, with points of interest including the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Derek Walcott Square (named after the Nobel Prize-winning poet) and a bustling market brimming with local handicrafts.


2. Bold Barbados 

Barbados is a Caribbean cracker. Nowhere else in the region packs in such a mix of island glamour and untamed natural beauty. The easy-going locals and oddly familiar ways (it’s decidedly British in some ways due to its colonial past) make it the ideal place to find your feet. For immaculate white beaches, exclusive resorts, golf courses and five-star luxury at every turn, head to the Platinum Coast on the west of the island. By contrast, find the wild, beautiful and less developed Scotland district on the east. In the middle, lush plantations and gardens, rum distilleries and amazing colonial architecture make this a great place to explore – topped and tailed with spending time in the exuberant capital Bridgetown. 

A stunning white beach in Antigua, the Caribbean

A stunning white beach in Antigua, the Caribbean

3. Bijou St Kitts

Small but perfectly formed St Kitts is a joy to explore with something for everyone. Historians will love the brilliant UNESCO World Heritage Brimstone Hill Fortress (a real British military citadel), artistic guests will love the colourful Caribelle Batik (fabric art) at Romney Manor and foodies will enjoy West Indian specialities or traditional afternoon tea at Fairview Great House. Adventure-lovers can whizz through the rainforest on a Sky Safari Ziplining shore excursion, while explorers can get around by bike, jeep, catamaran, kayak or the island’s charming railway. 


4. Atmospheric Antigua

At only 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, Antigua is a beach-lover’s paradise with 365 white, sandy beauties to choose from – one for each day of the year. It’s a maritime haven too, oozing in history and character. Colourful boats and yachts are a key feature off shore, while on land you can explore the island’s historic atmosphere – Admiral Horatio Nelson landed here in 1784. A must is a visit to Nelson’s Dockyard, the only Georgian dockyard still in operation. Within Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, you’ll also find Clarence House, which was built for future King William IV, and Shirley Heights, a partly restored fortification with great views of Montserrat and Guadeloupe. 


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