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Tasty tipples


Enjoy fine wines, specially-selected British beers and artisan British gins across the whole fleet

People holding glasses of wine

Introducing the Cellar Reserve Selection

If you appreciate the finer things in life then you’ll definitely enjoy a tasting or two from our new Cellar Reserve Selection wines. We’ve added these to our menu to allow guests to enjoy wines from some of the world’s most renowned wine producers.


The collection features Champagne, red, white and dessert wines that have been chosen by our team of in-house wine experts, who tasted more than 1,000 wines, choosing only 10 for this exclusive collection.


‘We've been working hard to find a great selection of wines to give our wine list the right balance of regions and styles, but also to provide plenty of choice and variety. We want to ensure that there is always something for everyone,’ explains Head of Beverage Services and one of P&O Cruises wine experts, Anthony Habert.


‘The process of selecting a balanced and good-value wine list took over six months and involved us tasting over 1,000 wines, as well as taking into account our guests' feedback. From that we picked some new stars but also re-affirmed old favourites. The end result is our new Cellar Reserve Selection – a limited reserve of exceptional wines which, in my view, offer truly great value for money,’ says Anthony.


For a taste of what the Cellar Reserve Selection has to offer, think La Réserve de Léoville Barton from Bordeaux in France. The bouquet of smoky blackberry fruit that you get with this wine is evocative of the gravelly dunes leading down to the banks of the Gironde estuary of Léoville-Barton’s vineyards. Or Pouilly Fuissé from Burgundy, a superb example of classic chardonnay. The Sauvignon Blanc from the Cloudy Bay winery in New Zealand is one of the most prestigious Sauvignon Blancs in the world, and the dessert wine Disznókõ Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos from Hungary has a gorgeous honeyed richness that finishes off sweetly but with a mouth-watering freshness.


‘The collection gives our guests the opportunity to push the boat out for a special occasion. Or for those familiar with wine, it gives them the opportunity to appreciate wines at the next level,’ says Anthony.


And which wine stands out to Anthony as his personal favourite in the collection? ‘I’d say the Disznókõ Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos. But then I am a sucker for old sweeties! La Réserve de Léoville Barton is also delicious, as is the Penfolds Bin 28 from the Barossa Valley in Australia.... They are all delicious though.’


We believe they represent some of the best wines in the world, and we’re sure you’ll agree too. The 10 wines in the collection are highlighted on our wine lists and are available in the main Restaurants across the fleet. For more information about any of our wines, speak to your wine steward who will be happy to advise you.

A glass of gin and tonic

There’s a gin to suit every taste on board

British tipples

June was the month to celebrate the very British tipples of gin and beer, with World Gin Day taking place on 11 June and National Beer Day on 15 June. As these two drinks go hand-in-hand as the most popular drinks in the country, we are pleased to announce that our British beer and British gin menus are now available across the fleet.


Mother’s Ruin

Enjoy juniper treats with our wonderful selection of 20 British gins from across the counties of the United Kingdom. Each gin has been matched by the producer with their tonic and garnish of choice, and all 20 gins come with a recommended cocktail. Try out something new with our artisan brands: set your taste buds free with the citrus, spice and pear notes of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin from Argyll in Scotland; be seduced by the chamomile, rose petal and honey notes of Silent Pool Gin from Surrey, or fall for the raspberry, juniper and coriander notes of Pinkster Agreeable British Gin from Hertfordshire. Or if you prefer familiar ground, stick with the tried and tested, such as Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray.


All gins have a dominant juniper flavour, but what sets them apart from one another is their closely guarded secret recipes of botanicals – the flavouring ingredients. Sourced from around the globe, they can be as exotic as Chinese cassia bark or as familiar as English lavender.


Amber nectar

Beer has been produced in Britain for thousands of years and by the Middle Ages it was already our number one drink. That title still stands, with National Beer Day dedicated to the hoppy goodness of the amber nectar. Following the success of the British beer menu on Britannia, we have chosen 20 of the most popular beers and introduced this new menu across the fleet. From Banana Bread from Bedfordshire and Old Tom with Chocolate from Cheshire, to Tanglefoot from Dorset and Double Drop from Hampshire, join us on a tasting trail around the British Isles.


All our featured beers have their own unique characteristics and complexities, allowing you to appreciate everything that is special about our nation’s favourite drink. And if you can’t choose which one to start with, fear not. We also offer beer flights made up of three different beers (1/3 pint each) from a chosen region of the country.