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Meet the team: Amy Harman


Our Loyalty Programme Manager talks about her lifelong love of the sea, cruising the world and bringing the very best benefits to guests

Britannia’s arrival heralds the start of a new era at P&O Cruises. It’s hard not to be excited about her future. - says Amy

What does your job involve?

I’m responsible for the Peninsular Club, P&O Cruises loyalty scheme. So I make sure the club’s benefits are delivered to all our members, as well as overseeing all the marketing and communications they receive from us.


Are there any challenges?

I guess it’s making sure that the benefits we offer have wide appeal and are enticing to all members, whether they are relatively new to our brand or a seasoned cruiser.


Have you had any feedback from Peninsular Club members?

Recently, I hosted an afternoon for Ligurian-tier members at the Wiston Estate Winery, which produced the nebuchadnezzar of English sparkling wine used in Britannia’s naming ceremony. The thank-you letters I received afterwards really made my day!


How has your career has led to your current position?

I’ve always loved to travel, and growing up on the Kent coast meant that I’ve always had a fondness of the sea. When I left school, I joined the Royal Navy before working in loyalty marketing for Virgin Atlantic’s frequent flyer programme. My role at P&O Cruises merges both my love of the sea and my experience in loyalty programmes.


What’s the most glamorous thing about your role?

Getting to spend time cruising the world on our fantastic ships is really wonderful and I’m lucky enough to get to visit some gorgeous destinations. On the other hand, the constant packing and unpacking isn’t so glam!


Which is your favourite ship in the fleet?

Ventura is our original big ship and she’s full of charm. I’ve never had a dull moment on board. However, Britannia’s arrival heralds the start of a new era at P&O Cruises. It’s hard not to be excited about her future.


Which P&O Cruises holiday would you recommend to a friend?

For a first cruise, I’d recommend a short break to Bruges. They could get a little taste for cruising, as well a taste for the wonderful chocolate there! For an experienced cruiser, I’d recommend one of our Discovery Cruises: we use smaller ships, which means we can sail into smaller, lesser-known ports such as Sorrento in Italy and Calvi in France.


What exciting things can Peninsular Club Members look forward to this year?

In 2016, we have more Peninsular Club Cruises planned than ever before. We’re also launching our new Captain’s Choice cruises, which are designed by our experienced captains with Peninsular Club members in mind. We’re also making small but important changes to our benefits, such as introducing new slippers, refreshing our menus and introducing more shore-side events for our top-tier guests.


What makes you feel proud of your work?

Whenever I’ve made a positive change. Whether it’s something tiny or something tremendous, if it’s positive I feel proud.


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