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Get married at sea


On-board weddings are very special, reveals P&O Cruises Assistant Food & Beverages Manager Natalie King

An onboard wedding day

What could be more romantic and memorable than getting married or renewing your vows at sea, against a stunning, exotic backdrop? Our Weddings at Sea team have the expertise and dedication to ensure you have a magical, stress-free day.


Assistant Food and Beverages Manager, Natalie King, has planned 55 weddings and 42 vow renewal celebrations on board Azura. 'Every wedding day is special no matter where it takes place,’ she says, 'but I do believe that there’s something very romantic about getting hitched on a cruise ship! And it makes for some extra special photos.'


A Personal Wedding Coordinator works with the happy to couple to make sure the day runs smoothly. Aside from a reception, the bride- and groom-to-be can opt for extras, such as a wedding cake, flowers, photography and even breakfast in bed. Once you’ve decided what you’d like, you can simply relax and enjoy the day.


Which of the weddings that she has organised is Natalie particularly proud of? ‘The wedding that was the most challenging to organise actually turned out to be my favourite. The couple really wanted an outdoor wedding, which had never been done before on Azura. The wedding party was 25 people, so it was quite a logistical challenge to move everything around. But in the end, the venue looked perfect. We used the balcony of Seventeen for the ceremony, which provided stunning views. Then, for the wedding luncheon, the party moved into the restaurant itself, which we’d decorated with favours and decorations.'


But having an outdoor wedding could be a little risky, couldn’t it? ‘Of course! We relied heavily on the weather and luckily the sun didn't stop shining. The bride and groom were so happy that their dream day had come true!'


But not every couple is satisfied simply by good weather and having their friends and family around them. Some make rather unusual requests, Natalie explains: 'I heard that a couple on another of our ships had a Star Trek theme at their on-board wedding! So far, I haven't had anything like that – but I’d be very willing to try!’


So what is Natalie’s favourite thing about helping someone on their special day? 'Despite the challenges, I thoroughly enjoy planning on-board weddings. It's so rewarding to see the couple at the end of the day and see how happy they are.'


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