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Emerging from a tumultuous history, Poland is now a blossoming region and is quickly becoming a European favourite. 

With its many lakes, medieval monuments and stunning scenery, it’s a playground for anyone who loves to experience a combination of cultural discovery and outdoor pursuits. 

Poland isn’t only a top destination for those seeking a city break – it also offers insight into the country’s history, eclectic culture and unique cuisine. Sitting on the Baltic Sea, the port city of Gdańsk welcomes visitors with views of the craggy cliff faces, woodland walks and willowing beaches, which make it a country of wild beauty.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The eagle is Poland’s national symbol.
  • Poland has the most ‘World’s Strongest Man’ winners.
  • A person’s ‘name day’ is more important than a birthday.
  • They serve pizza with ketchup.
  • Marie Curie was born in Poland.


Historical sights

The cobbled streets of Gdańsk Old Town give way to many historical attractions that tell just some of the stories of Poland’s extensive history. 

The Royal Way, leading to the Old City Gate, was where Polish royals would parade when visiting the port city. Walking this path allows visitors to learn about the country’s dynasties and royals on the Dlugi Targ, and spot other city monuments such as the Golden Gate, the Torture House and the Prison Tower. 

City life

If you fancy a respite from all the gore and gloom, the nearby Neptune Fountain provides a more harmonious experience and is famous for once having spouted the city’s famous liquor.

If you’re lucky you may get the chance to attend St Dominic’s fair. Combining history with a little shopping, it is a very popular attraction, with many handicraft goods to browse while local performers entertain the crowd. This summer affair was first established in 1260 and is now an annual event.




It’s in this same area of Old Town in Gdansk where visitors can also see some of the intricate and inspiring architecture that adds to the city’s charming allure. 


The area’s many churches and cathedrals boast Gothic themes like those found in St Mary’s. Oliwa Cathedral combines this Gothic architecture with Baroque style, but it’s the exquisite church organ that attracts hundreds each day. The organ took over thirty years to make and is renowned for its sweet sounds which can be heard at one of the six daily recitals.

Ulica Mariacka is another nearby neighbourhood worth strolling around if you want to snap some stunning photos of the intricate buildings and otherworldly feel. 


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Poland

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