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Hawaii Cruises

Great beaches, good surfing, grass hula skirts and flowery ‘lei’ garlands – these are usually what Hawaii brings to mind. The gift of lei is actually very important here, and they’re given at every celebration. Don’t be alarmed if you get a kiss on the cheek on presentation too – it’s just tradition.

The natural beauty of Hawaii is its greatest asset and has become the main source of income through tourism. This central Pacific archipelago is roughly 2,000 miles southwest of the continental United States, and enjoys sunshine year-round.

Anyone on a cruise to Hawaii will love the panoramic landscapes of these amazing islands. All the paradise essentials are here, from palm trees to blue waters, white sands and cocktails aplenty. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Hawaii is the most isolated group of inhabited islands in the world. 
  • About 200 of the 680 types of fish here are unique to Hawaii. 
  • The Hawaiian alphabet contains just 12 letters.
  • There are no billboards in Hawaii. 
  • President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.  



Hawaii is made up of six islands, all unique in their topography. Big island, the largest, is home to the port of Hilo. This is where you’ll find the main settlement of Hilo Bay with its two shield volcanoes, the active Mauna Loa, and the dormant Mauna Kea. If you measure from its sea-floor base to its highest peak, Mauna Kea is actually the world's tallest mountain, taller than Mount Everest even.

Varied landscapes

Honololu is the capital of Hawaii and situated on Oahu, the main island and gateway to the state. Surfing is a popular pastime here, especially on the white beach of Waikiki – it’s the most famous stretch of sand but definitely not the only one. Explore the island and you’re sure to find your personal favourite.

Lahaina in Maui is known for its national park and whale-watching opportunities. There are many things to see here, from one of the world’s largest Banyan trees, to colourful neighbourhood walks and unique boutique shopping. 




Spam is so ingrained in the Hawaii culture that it’s known as ‘Hawaiian Steak’. There’s no special time to enjoy Spam – it’s served with anything and everything. It’s even on the menu at McDonald’s. Over 7 million cans of Spam are sold every year in Hawaii. 

Pineapples are a real food symbol of Hawaii – key to the islands’ agricultural industry. Make sure to bring that sweet tooth with you, as you’ll find it on every menu.

Kalua pig has been baked in a ground oven for hours and hours, giving the pig its signature smoky taste. It’s usually wrapped in leaves to help the pork keep its flavour, and is absolutely delicious served up with rice.    

And if you’re more of a vegetable-lover than a meat-eater try poi, a sticky paste made from the taro root – low in calories and satisfyingly mushy and gooey. 

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