Connecticut Cruises

Connecticut is known as a very liberal state, and is home to the almighty Yale University in New Haven, where George W Bush was born and also where our main port is located. 

Connecticut is just 60 miles from top to bottom and 100 miles across. You’re only ever two hours from any point in the state here. Despite being so relatively small, there’s plenty of different terrain to enjoy. Hills, mountains and mill towns give way to endless farmland before arriving at the cities that offer the usual high street stores as well as unique boutiques to flex that credit card. 

There are 3.5 million residents in Connecticut enjoying the beaches, state parks, forests, nature, art, museums, theme parks and natural beauty. On your cruise to Connecticut you’ll get to experience the same. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Connecticut averages 100 days of sunshine a year.
  • It’s illegal for Connecticut cyclists to go faster that 65mph. 
  • The state insect is the praying mantis.
  • The state song is Yankee Doodle. 
  • Connecticut’s total land area is over 4,800 square miles.



The sporting world is hugely popular in Connecticut, despite the fact they don’t have any professional sports teams of their own. Connecticuters, or Nutmeggers as they’re sometimes known, get by on college sports and the neighbouring states’ teams. 

When it comes to baseball, Connecticut is divided between supporting the Red Sox and the Yankees. Both are from neighbouring New York and once you’ve made your decision you’re stuck with it for life. It’s an important choice, and, as you’ll find if you spend any time in the bars here, one that is passionately defended if anyone should challenge it.  

Connecticut does have an excellent basketball team, the Huskies. Residents as good as bleed white and blue – they’re that proud. 

Just a note, ‘Nutmegger’ can either be deemed as offensive or endearing, so be careful who you say it to! 

Fantastic shoreline

Thanks to the 332 miles of jagged shoreline in Connecticut there’s an abundance of fresh seafood, clams and lobster. 




New England cuisine, like many, has regional specialities: Maine is for lobster, while quahog clams are for Rhode Islanders. The traditional New England clam bake is the ultimate speciality of the area – shellfish and vegetables are steamed in a pit in the beach lined with hot rocks and layered with damp seaweed.

The first hamburger was invented here, when a rushed patron wanted something on-the-go and was ushered out by restaurateur Louis Lassen with a few slices of meat trimmings in bread. Thanks to this, Connecticut is now sometimes called the ‘Hamburger State’. 

Connecticut is also the proud owner of a small but strong microbrew, or even nanobrew, scene – the locals are spoiled by fresh tastes thanks to a change in the law in 2012 that allowed breweries to sell directly to consumers. Make sure to sample some of these local wares during your Connecticut cruise. 

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