About St. Barts

A large dash of French chic makes St. Bart's feel more like Antibes than Antigua.

Tiny and serene this hilly island originated from ancient coral reefs and is considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. When you discover its idyllic blend of white sands, crystal clear waters and green, undulating landscape, you will understand why.

Its combination of style and glorious natural scenery make it popular with the rich and famous who like to escape here during winter. In the picturesque port town of Gustavia, you can soak up the isles distinctly continental charm. Its vista of red-roofed buildings provides the backdrop to numerous duty free boutiques, a yacht-filled harbour and a very relaxed lifestyle. After a few hours exploring, head up to Grand Fonds for wonderful views.

With over 20 beaches here you will be spoilt for choice. Two of the most pristine are Saline and Governor on the southern side. Enjoy a spot of snorkelling or simply bask in the sun.


Shore excursions in St. Barts

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