About Pago Pago

So good they named it twice, the South Pacifics Pago Pago (pronounced Pango Pango) is both the name of the harbour which cuts fjord-like into American Samoas main island of Tutuila and also for the village at its western end.

But the larger, more interesting town is Fagotago at the eastern end.  Look out for an excellent natural history museum and the lively public market.  Also, just outside Fagatago is the former guesthouse where Somerset Maugham created his most famous character, Sadie Thompson in 'Rain'.

Away from Pago Pago on this snaking, Chinese dragon-shaped island you will find the most spectacular mountain and coastal scenery of any South Pacific island plus some superb beaches.


Shore excursions in Pago Pago

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

East Side Island Drive

Activity low

Duration: 3 hours

A glimpse into the untouched far eastern side of Pago Pago.

This tropical island has an unexpected landscape, ranging from beautiful coastlines, high plains, spectacular rainforests and ruptured volcanic mountain ranges.

Departing the pier, your driver-guide will take you to the Tauese P.F Sunia Ocean Centre to discover the importance of natural ocean resources. Afterwards, your drive will continue as you head out to the far eastern side of the island. Enjoy the sights as you pass by groves of coconut palms and tiny villages hugging the shoreline. Learn about the interesting history, traditions and culture of the Samoan people.

There will be several photo stops along the way including Aunu’u Wharf, Amouli Beach and Camel Rock, an interesting rock formation resembling a camel. The view from Pago Pago harbour is one of the most spectacular in the Pacific. Be sure to have your camera at the ready.

At the eastern most tip of the island you’ll stop at 2 Dollar Beach. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to relax and listen to the sounds of local live music and perhaps purchase a drink. You may even choose to take a quick refreshing dip in the crystal clear water, before heading back to the ship.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by island bus. It is recommended that passengers bring sunscreen and a bottle of water. US Dollars are required for purchases at the beach. There is very little walking involved on this tour, however passengers must be able to negotiate the steps onto and off the island bus. For those wishing to swim, please remember to wear swimwear, take a towel and sunscreen. Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages prior to any swimming activities. There may be independent suppliers on the beach that offer watersports. These are provided by parties unconnected to P&O Cruises.

Essence of Tutuila

Activity low

Duration: 3 hours

Discover the highlights of the island and learn of the fascinating myths, legends and cultures that surround it.

During your scenic island tour, you’ll pass by many of the island’s most interesting and alluring places. Stop at Leone to photograph the site of the first missionary landing in 1830. From Leone, see the beautiful natural coastline and glistening ocean.

Hear tales of Tia Seu Lupe, an old chiefs’ game involving the catching of pigeons. Whoever captures the most pigeons wins a wife or daughter of the chief. You will pass by the Tia Seu Lupe Station to see where these curious traditions took place.

A tour of the island wouldn’t be complete without seeing the ‘Flowerpot Rock’; this is one of the island’s most photographed landmarks.

Continue to the late Governor Tauese Sunia’s Museum. This small museum commemorates the life and times of Tauese P.F Sunia, the first popularly elected governor of American Samoa. Leisurely browse the collection of memorabilia and relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery, whilst sipping a refreshing island fruit punch.

Before returning to the pier a stop is made at the Ocean Centre to learn about the richness of the land, ocean life and history of the area. Here, you will be shown a short film to enhance your knowledge of the island.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by island bus. Ground at the Vaitogi Cliffs is very rough and uneven, please use caution when on foot. Sunscreen is recommended.

Island Delights

Activity low

Duration: 3 hours

Tour the south-western shore of Tutuila for a great combination of island scenery and traditional Samoan entertainment.

Experience a wealth of breathtaking landscapes, as you drive past little bays dotted along the coastline whilst heading inland through this luxuriant island paradise.

Known as ‘Flowerpot Rock’, Fatu-ma-futi is situated at the mouth of the charming Pago Pago harbour and is one of the island’s most famous landmarks.

You will have an opportunity to photograph historic Leone, the one-time capital of American Samoa and site of the first missionary landing in 1830.

Proud of their heritage and customs, the Samoan people work hard to preserve them. The simple idyllic beauty of island culture can be seen as you are treated to a traditional Ava Ceremony. The ceremony is usually only performed when VIP’s visit the island; enjoy authentic island entertainment, including Samoan songs and dances performed by the local cultural group.

Your island-style bus will wind along the coastline of scenic bays, inlets and picturesque villages. Pass many notable landmarks such as the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Centre, the quaint Nuuuli Village, Lava Lava, Samoa's 18-hole golf course and Fatu-ma-futi Rock.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by island bus. There is very little walking involved on this tour.

Village Life

Activity low

Duration: 3 hours

Experience the unspoilt natural beauty of Tutuila, set amidst lush tropical surroundings, flowers and rainforests.

Travel into the heart of Tutuila, to a remote location overlooked by the mountains. Here, you will be able to capture the essence of island life and see how the local people live. A highlight of your stop here will be the stunning Mountain View and beautiful natural surroundings. A friendly local family will greet you with delightful songs and traditional island music. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and warm welcome of the locals as you experience a typical Samoan greeting for VIP’s.

Heading off in your island-style bus for south western Tutuila, you will drive along the impressive and extensive coastline, which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific. From the coast, you will venture inland to discover the picturesque little villages, which typify island life in Samoa.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by island bus. Although there is limited walking on this tour, passengers are advised that the ground may be uneven with some steps.

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