About Mytilene

Cruise port Mytilene is the charming capital of the Greek island Lesbos but, just to confuse visitors, islanders also sometimes refer to the whole island by that name. But, whichever name they choose, it does not change the beautiful island landscape of pine forests and olive groves.

Set in the north Aegean Sea, just off the coast of Turkey, the island is now a major olive oil producer but it also has ancient ruins dating back three millennia BC and, of course, is most famous as the birthplace of the poet-turned-gay icon, Sappho.

Mytilene is definitely worth a wander as it has some outstanding neoclassical architecture and an excellent museum as well as some tempting antique stores.  Outside the capital, there are some fascinating rural villages, historic churches and castles as well as some attractively rugged scenery around its coastline


Shore excursions in Mytilene