About Casablanca

The sprawling, Moroccan city of Casablanca, sits on the north-west coast of Africa. Modern, vibrant and boasting a fascinating history and heritage, it offers some incredible contrasts. Racing traffic whizzes by a backdrop of wide boulevards, parks and streets lined with a unique blend of French-Colonian and Moroccan style architecture, all of which can be explored on our Casablanca cruises.

Part of Casablanca lies within the walls of the Ancienne Medina - built in the 19th century - which contains narrow lanes crammed with piled-high stalls as well as the last remains of the city's 18th century fortifications. 

On our cruises to Casablanca you can also see rising above the ocean on a rocky outcrop the Hassan ll Mosque - the landmark of the city. Designed by French architect Michel Pinseau and built to commemorate the former King's birthday, it is the world's largest mosque, boasting a soaring 700ft high minaret. In addition, Casablanca cruise itineraries include a short drive up the coast to visit Rabat, Morocco's capital and home of the country's royal family.


Shore excursions in Casablanca