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About the Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands cruise destination is New Zealand's finest maritime park and comprises 144 islands, myriad bays and beaches around the coastline.

The Bay, with its subtropical climate and pristine natural environment, has an abundance of marine life, including the big marlin, whales, penguins, dolphins, gannets and many other species. And although it's an aquatic playground for adventure activities and escapist relaxation, much of Northlands extensive coastline remains unspoilt.

The maritime and historic park is the original cradle of local European civilization, but it also boasts fine examples of the fascinating Maori culture. Cruises to Bay of Islands also include tours to several museums filled with fine examples of European and Maori history, which provide a unique insight into colonial New Zealand. In fact, you will find that the Maori culture is still very much alive in this region, as 32 percent of the population is Maori. The shopping, dining and entertainment possibilities that stem from this distinctive local culture, which embraces art, creativity, organic farming and alternative thinking, is quite unique, making Bay of Islands cruises a must see.


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