If you need to bring mobility equipment aboard there are some things you'll need to check.

You can bring certain types or variation of the following:

  • mobility scooters
  • wheelchairs
  • bathroom aids
  • other types of equipment such as hoists

In some cases, we can offer you certain items or you can to hire equipment from our recommended specialist supplier Mobility At Sea. You can contact them on 0800 328 1699.

Mobility scooters

If you wish to bring your mobility scooter aboard, there are a few essentials you need to check.

  1. Choose the right type of cabin – you need to have space to store your mobility scooter in your cabin when you’re not using it. This means booking a wheelchair-accessible cabin, selected Suite or Mini-suite. For a list of suitable cabins, visit:


  2. Check your mobility scooter will fit through the cabin door. For details of cabin door widths, visit:


  3. Check the type of battery your scooter uses – we accept gel, dry cell, sealed lead acid or lithium-Ion battery operated mobility scooters.

This will allow us to make sure you can bring your mobility scooter aboard and use it safely around the ship and in your cabin.

Please note – if you don't book an approved cabin, you won’t be able to bring your mobility scooter on board.

Bringing your own wheelchair

Collapsible wheelchairs can be taken on board in any of our cabins as long as the width when collapsed isn’t more than 51cms.

If you're bringing a non-collapsible manual or electric wheelchair, it's worth making these checks:

  1. Check your choice of cabin gives you enough room to manoeuvre and store your wheelchair.
  2. Check it will fit through the cabin door. For details of cabin door widths, visit:
  3. For electric wheelchairs, check the type of battery – we accept gel, dry cell, sealed lead acid or lithium-Ion battery operated wheelchairs.

Borrowing and hiring wheelchairs

Although we have a limited number of wheelchairs on board each ship, they cannot be reserved. We suggest you bring your own wheelchair or hire one independently to make sure you have one to use on the ship.

You can only request one once you're on board, and they’re given out on a first-come first-served basis. This means we can't guarantee that you’ll get a wheelchair to borrow.

To find out more about hiring a wheelchair, contact Mobility at Sea on 0800 328 1699.

Segways, trikes and similar non-standard mobility aids

Unfortunately, we can't accept Segways, trikes and similar non-standard, powered mobility aids on board. If you’re not sure whether your mobility aid can be used on board, please contact us on

There are no restrictions on manually-powered mobility aids.

Other mobility equipment

If you're bringing a hoist, you'll need to check that it is compatible with the ship's electrical supply. Please see the section 'Your medical needs on board' for more details. If you're bringing a hoist and you are booked into a non-adapted cabin, please be aware that there will be limited space for manoeuvrability. We don't provide cabin hoists, but you can hire one from an independent supplier.

You cannot bring items of furniture on board, unless the item it has the appropriate International Maritime Organisation Certification (IMO). This includes mattresses, mattress toppers, beds or chairs. Our recommended supplier, Mobility at Sea, has a selection of approved items available for hire. For more information, give them a call on 0800 328 1699.

Mobility aids for the bathroom

We have a limited number of mobility aids for the bathroom you can borrow.

Please note, all the equipment has a maximum user weight limit if 30 stone, apart from the shower stools which are 15 stone.

These are allocated to the guests whose questionnaires we receive first. If we can't offer you your requested item(s), we'll let you know by email.

We're only able to offer the mobility aids listed above. If you need other items, such as a commode, bed blocks or a hoist, you're welcome to bring your own or contact our recommended supplier, Mobility at Sea on 0800 328 1699.


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Storage of mobility scooters, wheelchairs and all other mobility aids

  • Mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids must be stored inside your cabin when not in use. 
  • They cannot be left outside your cabin door. 
  • Public walkwaysand stairwells must be kept clear in case of an emergency.

What do we define as a 'mobility scooter'?

  • P&O Cruises define a mobility scooter as a three or four wheeled electrical or battery powered scooter, designed for restricted mobility. 
  • Motorised wheelchairs, bespoke machines for full-time disabled persons and manual collapsible wheelchairs are not included within the definition for the term 'mobility scooters'.

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