Guests who are deaf or hard of hearing

We offer a hearing loop facility at Southampton cruise terminals and at the Reception desks on board. We also provide an 'infra-red' hearing support system within some of our theatres and show lounges – headsets are available from Reception.

We have a limited number of wireless visual alert systems and textphones available on board. You can use the questionnaire to request these; they're given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please be aware, the visual alert system will reduce surface space in your cabin. The textphone will enable us to alert you of any emergencies and any important announcements concerning your cruise. The textphone system is subject to the availability of telephone lines on board.

In-cabin televisions and closed captioning

Our in-cabin emergency video offers closed captioning and a British Sign Language translated version. However, closed captioning isn't available on satellite channels in your cabin due to the way that the satellite signal is received. We're sorry if this is disappointing.

We do have a limited number of DVD players on board and a library of DVDs that contain closed captioning. So, if you'd like to watch a DVD in your cabin, please ask at Reception and we'll do our best to make it happen.


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For further information on facilities available on board for guests who are deaf/hard of hearing and how to advise us of any requests or requirements please click on the link below


What facilities do you have on board for deaf or the hard of hearing? >

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